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Trilight Ltd - Scotland's largest independent lighting wholesaler.

Trilight - LED Light bulbs, Lamps, LED Street Lighting, Light Fittings, Lighting Control Gear and Lighting Design ServicesTrilight - LED Light bulbs, Lamps, LED Street Lighting, Light Fittings, Lighting Control Gear and Lighting Design Services


Trilight - Independent UK Lighting Wholesaler


Trilight Ltd are one of the UK's largest independent lighting wholesalers. Trilight supply lighting control gear and light fittings throughout the UK and Ireland from our branches in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Falkirk. Trilight retail Philips Master LED bulbs, SAD lights, Sunbed Tubes, ATP Street light fittings and LED grow lights online through our website and can deliver all throughout the UK next day.

We carry stock from Philips, Tridonic, GE, Aurora as well as our own range of emergency lighting our workshops in Glasgow and Falkirk can also carry out Lighting refurbishment work and emergency conversions. Trilight Aberdeen also offer bespoke lighting design services to all our customers.

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Design Services at Trilight


Trilight’s Design Services include the residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare sectors, as well as buildings of historical nature in need of an upgrade.

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Product Brands


LED Bulbs

Trilight offer a wide range of LED Light bulbs - Philips, Aurora, GE, Sylvania, Kosnic & Megaman. Upgrading your current lighting to LED will give you up to a 90% saving on your energy costs and reduce replacement costs, making them a great investment.

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Sunbed Tubes

Wide range of Purebronze Sunbed Tubes at Trilight, for all your sunbed tube re-lamping requirements choose Purebronze at Trilight. Our excellent range of tanning tubes is manufactured by Havells sylvania and offer equivalents to the Philips range of sunbed tube at very competitive prices.

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ATP Street Lighting

Trilight offer superior weather resistant, Polymer based LED street light lantern fittings from ATP. We offer high quality street light lanterns, energy saving LED Lamps, drivers and gear trays as part of a custom packages. Solar options are also available.

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energy efficient LED Bulbs

Energy Saving LED Lighting

By installing new, energy efficient LED bulbs you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%.

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Sad Lights
SAD Lights

Seasonal Affective Disorder 

Seasonal Affective Disorder is an increasingly common disorder affecting people in the UK. The good news is SAD is easily treatable.

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Grow Lights
Horticulture lighting

LED Grow Lights

The energy-saving alternative for extending day length when cultivating strawberries and bedding plants.

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